General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Association and will be made up of all the associates.
The meetings of the General Assembly will be ordinary and extraordinary.

The ordinary will be held once a year within the four months following the close of the fiscal year; Extraordinary events will be held when circumstances so advise, in the opinion of the President, when the Board of Directors agrees or when proposed in writing by a tenth of the associates.

The General Assemblies, both ordinary and extraordinary, will be validly constituted in the first call when a third of the associates with the right to vote attend it, present or represented, and in the second call whatever the number of associates with the right to vote.

The powers of the General Assembly are:

a) Approve the management of the Board of Directors.
b) Examine and approve the Annual Accounts.
c) Elect the members of the Board of Directors and their positions within it.
d) Set the ordinary or extraordinary fees.
e) Agree on the forced removal of associates for breach of financial obligations.
e) Dissolution of the association.
f) Modification of the Statutes.
g) Disposal or disposal of the assets that make up the fixed assets.
h) Agree, where appropriate, the remuneration of the members of the representative bodies.