Board of Directors

The Association is managed and represented by the Board of Directors, made up of six members. Only those who hold the status of associates may be members of the Board of Directors. All the positions that make up the Board of Directors are held free of charge. These will be appointed and revoked by the General Assembly and their mandate will last for two years, and they may be re-elected.

The current composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:


President: Eduard Farran, on behalf of EMUGE FRANKEN, S.L.

Vice President: Jose Ignacio Ortiz de Urbina, representing INTERMAHER, S.A.

Secretary: Alejandro Carrasco on behalf of RÖHM IBERICA, S.A.U

Treasurer: Antonio Jover, representing DAUNERT MÁQUINAS HERRAMIENTA, S.A.

1st Member: Gerard Guitart, representing HAAS – HITEC MAQUINAS CNC S.L.

2nd Member: Victor Escobar, representing RENISHAW IBÉRICA, S.A.U.

Director: Mikel Artola