The services offered by the association are focused on helping and supporting its associates in their business development

Representation of the sector abroad

AIMHE is an associate member of CELIMO. CELIMO groups together the various national associations equivalent to AIMHE at European level, thus representing the importing sector of machine tools in Europe


Through the establishment of contacts with foreign associations, fairs and companies, AIMHE channels the different search needs for distributors in the State by manufacturers and brands from other countries.

Preparation of sectoral statistics

AIMHE has implemented a system for capturing statistical data on imported machine sales, thus covering a deficiency found among professionals in the sector

Dissemination of sectoral information

Through the periodic submission of circulars and electronic newsletters, website or through presence in social networks, the associates are kept informed of the activities carried out in the association, also disseminating their activities

Negotiation with sector entities

The creation of AIMHE is based on the idea that a greater presence is necessary in public and private forums that in some way can influence the future of the industry

Advisory services and associate defense

AIMHE, has assumed an intermediary and defense role in the face of the problems raised by the associates in the framework of their professional activities, as well as in matters related to the trademarks represented in the State

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