AIMHE’s mission is to represent and defend the interests of the machine tool importer and distributor sector in Spain

Established as a non-profit and state-level association, AIMHE’s mission is to represent and defend the interests of the machine tool importer and distributor sector in Spain. The Association currently includes 49 associated companies.

AIMHE was established on September 17, 2009 as a non-profit association. On May 27, the presentation of AIMHE took place in Bilbao at a press conference in which its Board of Directors appeared to explain the nature of its constitution and objectives.

AIMHE considers of vital importance that the companies in the sector are associated and have a voice of their own in the different public and private bodies, both national and international, that are of common interest.

AIMHE sets as well a minimum standards of conduct to ensure proper coexistence between our members, providing a solid base for their integration into the Association, in defense of common and representative interests that constitute its object, which at the same time, results for the benefit of better practices in the market.


Objectives of the Association

  1. Joint representation before Public Administrations and other Bodies in matters of common and professional interest.
  2. The preparation and dissemination of documentation and sector information to support the activities of the Associates.
  3. Participation and collaboration with other Associations in the machine tool sector.
  4. Organization of conferences, congresses and seminars and interest for the Machine Tool activity.
  5. Advisory and defense services for the associate.




  1. Refocusing of the metalworking industry towards sectors and products of greater technology and complexity, digitization and Industry 4.0.
  2. Adaptation of companies for competition with countries with higher added value: emphasis on quality, service and innovation.
  3. Incorporation of a greater number of highly efficient production elements to face global competition.


We trust that AIMHE will successfully articulate a need that has been felt for years by the companies that make up our sector of activity, for which reason, we invite you to consider joining it.


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